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Our Profile

Founded in 2007 in Milan, the Rheingold Group is present in Germany and the Czech Republic with operating offices in Frankfurt and Prague. We manage a diversified real estate portfolio of more than 16,000 sq.m. with a value in excess of 25 million euro.

Rheingold is focused on the strengths of the regions concerned, and investment opportunities are characterized by particularly favourable purchasing conditions. After careful market analyses we select the best investment opportunities, proceeding to the acquisition of properties located in prime areas of cities.

In a long-term perspective we manage real estate property through our local network and promote a programme for the growing enhancement and optimization of our assets.

Our intention is to increase our initiatives, supported by a continuous development of our investment capacity, and to become stronger as main actors on the above-mentioned markets. We aim to increase the composition of the group of investors with a long-term vision and to undertake a geographical diversification of risk.

We are our own customers

Rheingold is a property investment platform – with a cross boarding perspective - focussed on the markets of Central Europe.”
Mirko Barbato



Joint Venture

Our consolidated international experience in the real estate sector permits us to share our knowhow with co-investment models.

With the objective of exploiting regular opportunities we set up mutual investment programmes with investors who are not necessarily willing to form part of the structure or belong to the shareholders of Rheingold. Initiatives may be new real estate projects or sharing management services via our network.

We have important partnerships on the markets of Germany and the Czech Republic, in particular the city of Prague, and have the opportunity to also enter other areas of Central Europe.

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